2015 is upon us!


Just like 2014 and the years past, resolutions are made and are rarely kept. That’s me right there. I barely kept any of my 2013 resolutions is partly because I had gotten a job. Suddenly the time that I had allocated for all those niche activities were now spent getting up, commuting, and working, then the reverse commute back home, sleep and be all ready to rinse and repeat for the next day.

I will however say this: I will definitely try to accomplish at least 1 out of the multitude that I have on the list this year.

With that, shall we see what we had for 2014?

  1. Learn to code (js, c++, html, ruby, completing any one is acceptable) – 2014: Started HTML around Oct of 2013, slowly but surely learning. 2015: Have been working on this in 2014, yay Codecademy! 32% down! Hopefully will finish this year
  2. Use the Yashica more (and look for better developers as well) – 2014: Took a few pictures in 2013, but haven’t yet finished that one roll (did finish a roll… but kind of screwed up and lost all 24 pics). 2015: Hopefully the camera will be used moreso this year. 2014 was an LG g3ography year.
  3. Hang with friends (even with all my time, hanging out is rare) 2014: Total fail. Hung out with absolutely no one. Damn work. 2015: Now with a car, maybe a road trip is in order to visit dear friends?
  4. Use a sewing machine (no more needles in my fingers!) 2014: Moved, so no access to a sewing machine. Did use a needle to sew a button on a sweater though. We’re going to strike this one out for good.
  5. Take Trouble to the park more – 2014: Moved, now I walk cats. 2015: Still will walk cats. Maybe will walk Trouble once a week.
  6. Learn to crochet – 2014: Did learn to crochet, but haven’t picked it up since I moved. 😦 2015: That bag of yarn will become something, dammit.
  7. Learn to knit other patterns (learn to read patterns) – 2014: Haven’t crocheted, haven’t knitted. 😦 2015: See above
  8. Learn a new language (Spanish & Mandarin, completing any one is acceptable) – 2014: Started using Duolingo to refresh my Spanish and after, will start to learn French. I still refuse to pay for Rosetta Stone. 2015: Continue with Duolingo
  9. Be more positive – 2014: Working in the new job where it seems positivity is something that definitely gets you through the day. Accomplished this in 2014 for the most part.
  10. Update this blog more 2014: Total fail, haven’t really updated since starting a job. 2015: Aiming to update more
  11. Volunteer more (but don’t spread self too thinly) – 2014: Fail, haven’t volunteered at all in 2013. 2015: This could go either way

So what really am I aiming for this year?

  • Job: either move off the phones to somewhere that I have more responsibilities (and freedom) and can stretch my legs, or move to another job path – DONE, was promoted off the phones. Couldn’t be happier.
  • Spend more time with my family now that I don’t see them much – WIP although attainable
  • Spend more time with my SO – DONE for the most part
  • Work more on #s 1,8,9,10 from last year