The Titanosaur!

Much like many things in New York (1 World Trade, Empire State Building, Manhattan Bridge…) we do things large and in style. Our museums are no different. Grand, magnificent displays, intricate and detailed dioramas, classic descriptions of the days old, the American Museum of Natural History have unveiled their latest and greatest display– the Titanosaur.

The Titanosaur– a dinosaur so enormous that it does not have a proper name– is now the newest resident of the museum’s fourth floor, right with its other dinosaur brethren.

Disclaimer though, the skeleton currently on display does not contain the actual bones, but a fiberglass replica, as the fossil bones were too heavy to be mounted. They do have an original bone, a femur, for a limited engagement at the museum that is on display. The display itself is awe inspiring. The Titanosaur is so big that its head sticks out of the entrance. A very apt welcoming indeed.

According to the display information (click here for more information from the AMNH), the Titanosaur spans an impressive 122 feet across, and in its heyday, weighed 70 tons.

To put that into prospective, for example:

  • An elephant weighs 11,000 lbs, or 5 tons. A Titanosaur would be equal to 14 elephants, roughly.
  • An Orion VII transit bus weighs 42,540 lb, or 19 tons. A Titanosaur would be equal to 6 Orion VII buses.
  • The Brooklyn Bridge weighs 14,680 tons. The weight of 210 Titanosaurs would equal the weight of the Brooklyn Bridge

Boggles the mind. That and the fact of the existence of this gigantic beast. It drew a huge crowd on its debut, so I wasn’t able to take many pictures but I did manage to get some nice ones as seen below. The exhibit floor was pretty dark, they were showing a movie as well at the time. Lucky for spotlights and the occasional flash.


Panoramic of the Titanosaur (click to expand)


Hello there!

I will definitely be making a return visit hopefully with a better camera and get more pictures of the Titanosaur.


Museum of Natural History

Rarely venturing into Manhattan for photo ops alone, it was rather nice to take the time to check out the museums from time to time.

I love the Museum of Natural History. If you’re into anthropology, dinosaurs, and general information about living organisms, this is definitely a place one should check out. I go to this museum from time to time and I will literally spend the day there. Even though the core exhibits haven’t changed, there’s always so much to take in every visit. My favorite parts of the museum, in no particular order would definitely have to be:

  • The gigantic (fake) blue whale that hangs in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life. Also another display that’s worth looking at? The “Kraken” vs the Sperm Whale that’s at the back walls when you go down the stairs past the blue whale.
  • The T-Rex. Who doesn’t like going there just to gawk at what once was a beautiful living creature? Also, great to compare yourself to and be amazed at how gigantic they are and now little you are. Puts things into perspective. We may be technologically advanced, but had we been living with these guys, we would’ve been dinner.
    • If fossils are your thing, it’s very worthwhile to spend most of your time on the 4th floor, which is the designated fossil wing. So many different fossils from all types of dinosaurs that existed. Herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores, they are all there.
  • The Theodore Roosevelt Rotunda. It houses the fossil of the gigantic herbivore, the Brontosaurus. Plus, Teddy was such an awesome person, who could resist going to his namesake area in any case?

The back of the T-Rex.

Without any tickets, these poor pigeons couldn't check out their ancestors at the museum.

I can’t wait until it gets warm again, and I can haul the camera back out to the museum and take more pictures… maybe this time I’ll bring a monopod so I won’t have to worry about getting blurry pictures indoors.