The Walking Dead: Someone shoot it in the head already.

Let me be upfront here: I’m not a huge zombie fan. Just like I’m not a huge tomato fan, but I will eat it from time to time, I will tolerate zombies depending how well they are portrayed.

Every week I’ll watch Walking Dead, hoping that the episode airing is better than the last. Sadly I’m always disappointed. It’s like being told that you’re getting ice cream and they give you a goat cheese log every time. Every single time. Watching Walking Dead is like eating a goat cheese log. There’s just no satisfaction to it (unless you like horrible tasting cheese). I suppose there’s a sweet taste somewhere with the cranberries, but you just end up with more goat cheese than you want.

So this past week was its mid-season finale. Rick and company are at Hershel’s farm and they hope to stay a little bit longer. Our resident bad boy Shane, who’s probably Lori’s baby daddy/Andrea’s potential booty call/Dale’s nemesis is at the barn trying to get the undead loved ones within to pull a scene from Green Mile. There’s no tunnel but there’s a lot of escaping to be done. The b-plot of the missing little girl Sophia is still around, with Carol trying to get by and praying that she’s still alive. Now for those of us in the seen-it-a-mile-away club, what do we have? Zombies in the barn + antagonist aching to act out + missing girl = crappy mid-season finale.

To be fair, their crappiness can really go both ways. Good and bad. Remember what we said about it constantly disappointing us? Yeah.

Kraken ahead! Aka spoilers.

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Swag edition: Plants v Zombies

As a winner from Popcap’s National Zombie Day drawing, I received a rather nice package all the way from the Emerald Isle (thanks USPS/Ireland Post for not crushing the package much) last week.

Popcap, if you didn’t know, is the maker of many really interesting and fun games. I remember playing them when I first got on the pc  (early 2000’s). My game of choice? FEEDING FRENZY! Oh that game was insane. You controlled a fish, and the purpose of it was to move said fish around to eat others (but like in nature, try not to move yourself into the jaws of a much bigger predator). I remember beating it ONCE, that game was just insane.  Typer Shark was another one of my favorites as well. It was like Mavis Beacon meets 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. I loved tapping into my inner Oceanographer/Secretary at the same time while playing that. Nowadays my games of choice are Plants v. Zombies (natch), Bookworm, and Peggle (even better when it’s the Steam edition that has assorted Team Fortress 2 characters in the background).

In any case, enough (boring self) background information!

This post is obviously late due to the hectic and insanity that was the NYCC/misc time wasters. I loved how it looked like I was getting a birthday gift in the mail (which coincidentally really did fall on my birthday week so that was a rather nice touch), and I relished in unwrapping it and getting my grubby mitts on the items (read: peeling the wrapping back ever so gently because secretly I’m a wrapping hoarder).

When I make a "No Zombees" club, this will so be the logo!

PvZ bumper sticker! *__*”]PvZ bumper sticker”]

I think they're magnets. I don't want to open it up though! 😥

PvZ Sunflower desk mate (so cute!!)

Sunflower desk mate- It's so cute and full of energy!

My favorite prize has to be the Zombee cap [IOU a pic, sorry!]. No zombees can eat my brains when I’m wearing that!

Love you Popcap!! So anyone on twitter, please give them some [much deserved] love @popcap and @popcapzombie! And if you want to check out their games, go here!

P.S.: I feel like somehow I’m shilling for PopCap– but I’m not. I genuinely enjoy their games. They are one of the companies that make entertaining games which doesn’t kill my poor ol’ pc.

P.P.S: I finally uploaded a pic of myself wearing my No-Zombees-shall-eat-my-brains-with-this-on hat. Enjoy!


Who's the little boy on the bus? Oh wait, that's me.