2008 NYC Anime Festival


Okay, so the NYC Anime Festival took place last weekend (Sept 26-28) at the Jacob Javits Center on the West side in NYC (obviously). In any case, I went Saturday only. While it was pretty nice overall, there were some things that were missing from my other experience at a similiar anime festival (Big Apple Anime Fest) that I hope would be changed come future conventions.

The first issue, though a bit superficial, was the badges, or the passes that were issued to show what day you paid to attend. The plastic was flimsy, paper pass was thin that it could be ripped easily if you put it in wrong, and the thing that was used to hang the badge over your neck was just this cheap elastic thing. It paled in comparision to the ones issued at the BAAF, where the plastic was thick, pass was thick, and it was an actual lanyard with the logo imprinted on and was nice and heavy. That was at least worth the money paid (I believe it was $40 back in 2003). For this convention, it was $50 on site, $40 online.

The vendors, there were quite many selling for the most part the same types of merchandise, however there were a few that were selling for the eclectic taste (old anime, old gaming systems). There was a lot of ground to cover, with a lot of items to look at, so that wasn’t so bad. It was a tad pricey though, so it was good that they were selling the same stuff so it was easier to shop around. I came out not with much, but I did get a kitty hat (I love Azumanga Daioh… sigh).

As for the cosplayers, for the most part I knew were bleach people, and final fantasy characters. There were many characters that I had absolutely no clue about and had to consult with J’s little sister for information. In any case, I did see two characters from Team Fortress 2: the Engie (Engineer) and the Soldier. Very very cool. I wish I got a picture with the Engie but I was a bit of a fangirl overall… so there were a lot of chickened out moments. Sigh.

In any case, check the pictures out here!