MF’in Franklin Delano Roosevelt – a movie review (FDR: American Badass)


FDR: American Badass Poster


Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Barry Bostwick: Spin City) – The main character of the story. Then-Governor FDR contracts Polio from a Werewolf attack and that spurs him to run for President and get involved in World War II in ways that you did not read in the history books.

Louis (Bruce McGill: MacGuyver) – FDR’s companion and right hand man. He witnesses FDR’s attack as well as assists him in his reign as President.

Eleanor Roosevelt (Lin Shaye: There’s Something About Mary) – FDR’s supportive Wife and mother of their 6 children.

Douglas MacArthur (Ray Wise: Reaper) – Aka Dougie Mac. Gen. MacArthur assisted FDR in fighting back the soldiers from the Axis of Evil.

Abraham Lincoln (Kevin Sorbo: Hercules) – Ol’ Honest Abe gives FDR a little bit of advice in his time of need.

Cleavon Buford (Ross Patterson: FDR: American Badass) – A ‘Repube” that assists FDR in gaining the state of Georgia in his run for President.


America has been infiltrated by Werewolves where any area that you’re bitten by a Werewolf you contract Polio. FDR goes on a hunting trip and encounters a werewolf that gives him Polio. We follow FDR’s journey into acceptance and making the best of the situation by taking matters into his own hands and going after those responsible. We meet various characters along the way, such as Hitler, Mussolini, and Hirohito from the Axis of Evil as well as Winston Churchill, who engages America in Lend-Lease to fight the enemies.


I can’t say when I’ve watched a movie so absurd that it tickled me so. The humor of this was very similar to Anchorman where it seems the characters had Carte blanche to say whatever popped into their minds. The movie with its cast of veteran actors (that you’ve undoubtedly have seen in many shows throughout the years), as well as the ridiculous story plot and lines, really come together and make this a flick worth watching. The humor was so wrong and if you’re one who cries about how un-PC things are, you should avoid this movie. All those who are looking for something to fill their 93 mins with, should watch this movie.


Iron Sky: Nazis in Space, a short review.

The “Fourth Reich” (

Okay so I was roped into watching a movie called Iron Sky last night. “Nazis in space, how good could that be?” I wondered. Husband goes, “No it’s got a good rating on” So I figure, “alright, I’ll give it a shot,” and just multitask while this B movie play in the background. Little did I know that towards the end I would be glued watching the screen to see what those wacky Nazis would be doing.

This movie is a sci-fi comedy, you have Nazis but they are portrayed in such a laughable manner that you can’t help but just go, “aww those darn kids.” If you’re looking for a historical movie about WWII, sadly this isn’t it. I have to say also, that this movie is mostly fan-funded (Kickstarter for movies anyone?) so that was a pretty awesome thing. It either means a lot of people enjoy hilarious movies, or there are a lot more Nazi sympathizers than I thought existed (it’s the former, the former!).

So the plot of this story? It is the year 2018 and there is a woman president who is a Sarah Palin-esque clone (is this some sick foreshadowing) going up for reelection. She’s looking for a good way to cement her win for the next term so she sends James Washington, a black model, who goes to the moon with an astronaut to build up support for her party back on Earth. They stumble upon what is a Nazi installment and gets taken prisoner by Space Nazis. The Nazis have a fortress, in the shape of a Swastika, located on the dark side of the moon. Apparently during WWII, the Nazis sent people into space and they colonized the dark side of the moon (I wonder if they found Sentinel & the Deceptacons during excavation). The Nazis try to return to Earth to bring about the “Fourth Reich,” with hilarious results.

They don’t succeed, by the way, but I don’t want to give away the ending. You would just have to watch it for yourself.

Again, what I loved about it was that regular people were backing this project. It is a good precedent to set, as it would give fans a chance to make a direct impact on something they love. On the other hand, we may just end up funding a lot of explosgasms with no plot. Your mileage may vary, I suppose. For something to watch when there was nothing on the television, this was a good choice. While I may have watched it if it were on the big screen (that I knew of), it is a good rental for that rainy day.

She just cannot catch a break in Snow White & the Huntsman (A recap)

Not quite the fairy tale you grew up with. (From

Tuesday night I was fortunate enough to attend an advance screening for Snow White & the Huntsman from Cinemit in Manhattan (note to self: if going to a screening anywhere in Manhattan, arrive anywhere from 1 – 1.5 hours so you don’t end up sitting all the way in the front and getting a crick in your neck. It does not float well on the train where the crazies will think you’re challenging them). I had gone with a friend so I enjoyed the company. Although the seats were not the best (we ended up sitting right about 5 rows from the front), the movie was great. I was captivated enough that I forgot about the pain (until typing right now and realizing that slowly my head is tilting slightly to one side or another).

This movie is pretty much your average fairy tale with a dark twist.

If you have been keeping up with your fairy tales, Snow White is the daughter of a benevolent Queen. She was fair and beautiful. She dies one day and the King marries another woman. The woman you would remember, then becomes the main antagonist who would usurp the kingdom and tries to get rid of Snow White.

Following in the traditional story (with a twist!), the Queen dies after giving birth to Snow White (who is extremely bright, amicable and everybody just loves the sight of her throughout the kingdom). Snow White’s father, the King, leads an army against the threat of a foreign nature. The enemy falls easily, too easily. They shatter like glass once hit. The army rejoices; the King comes across a caravan of sorts and discovers a pale, lithe woman. “What is your name?” The King asks. “Charlize Thero– I mean, Ravenna,” she replies. Spoilers ahead! Spoilers ahead! Long recap is ahead!

Dark Shadows (2012) review: vampires, mirror balls, and canneries, oh my!

Not Johnny’s best look, unfortunately.

Firstly: Johnny Depp? As a vampire? 70s campy fun? Color us there! (May contain spoilers, so read if you’re inclined to, or after you’ve watched the movie.)

A friend and I had the opportunity to attend the Dark Shadows private screening Tuesday night at Deer Park, LI courtesy of Although printing out the passes probably crippled our printers (at least one of ours at least, we didn’t use lasers), it was still worth having an adventure venturing out to the outlets and navigating through streets within the mall just to get into the theater.

Getting inside was easy. Seeing a huge line? A little bit depressing. We had encountered traffic getting there (since we were going with it during rush hour) and afraid that we had gotten there with no time to spare. There was a huge mob and to be honest, I was a little bit put off that that sort of line was for Dark Shadows. I’m pretty sure it’s good with Johnny and all, but to have a line that’s almost moblike? Eh.

So I asked a nice young lady what the line was for, and she replied back, “Avengers.” Ah. Okay. Whew. So it wasn’t for Dark Shadows. So why did I feel a bit jealous just then? Okay not really, there was no line for our movie, and we got into the screening pretty quick. So suck on that people watching Avengers! I’ll enjoy it later in the morning, in an empty theater where I can shout out my love for Coulson (or even Captain America, before he got all ‘roided up) without having many judging eyes upon me. Even for 7PM (when it was supposed to start), the theater wasn’t completely full and we managed to find two seats together that was still in the middle. Not bad!

The movie itself wasn’t anything spectacular to be honest. The premise was that a rich man named Barnabas Collins spurned a woman (who turns out to be a Witch) gets cursed and turned into a vampire and spends the next two centuries (200 years) in a coffin, missing out on life. He gets freed, it’s the 70s, and he has to re-assimilate himself back into the modern era and help his family (that had lost their fortune due to the witch’s curse) gain back what’s rightfully theirs. During his absence, the family’s fish canning business gets surpassed by a rival’s (Angelbay) company which is headed by (surprise, surprise) the Witch that had turned poor Barnabas into a vampire. Barnabas spends the rest of the movie trying to help his family out by hypnotizing his way into business by poaching the fishermen who supply Angelbay with fish.

The A plot I think for this movie, would be Barnabas figuring out how to fix his family. The B plot would be him falling in love with the new governess (who also happened to be the reincarnation of the girl that he loved and the Witch had murdered).

For the most part, the movie was pretty campy (which was seconded, according to my friend who had watched the original Dark Shadows). What happens in the movie was so obvious you could see from a mile away. For instance, you know the Witch was still in love with Barnabas and ends up finding some way to screw the Collins’ family over. And some parts, it just seemed that they wanted to throw into the movie for the hell of it without giving a reason (the sister of the little boy turns out to be Werewolf– what the what?! They introduce this towards the end of the movie with the final showdown between Barnabas and the Witch).  She just happens to be a Werewolf, no real reason why, but I guess they wanted to really make this family seem like strange people, and there’s really no vampire movie without a werewolf. With that, this is a movie that’s good for perhaps a rental, but certainly not really worth paying movie ticket prices for (unless you’re a diehard Johnny Depp/Tim Burton fan).

The Borrower Arrietty/The Secret World of Arrietty – Yet another Studio Ghibli film you’ll tear up to.

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of watching the newest movie from Studio Ghibli – The Borrower Arrietty (Japan)/The Secret World of Arrietty (USA), produced by the esteemed Hayao Miyazaki. If you’re unsure of who Miyazaki is, you should definitely get off this page, and get to Netflix (well, they don’t really have much of a selection after all) Blockbusters (are they still in business?) stat!

Let me first say that hand drawn animation will always be superior to CGI animation. Although I love how realistic CGI looks (e.g.: Wall-E, UP), there’s something about animation that’s hand drawn that gives it more of a human touch. Every time I watch a Studio Ghibli film, I get chills. Growing up watching animated shows and movies, I just tend to gravitate towards them.

The Borrower Arrietty is about little (real little) people (like Tinkerbell little, not today’s LPA definition of “little people” little) that live in the nooks and crannies of one’s homes and throughout their lives, would “borrow” (hence their names of the “Borrowers”) from their gigantic counterparts, items without their knowledge. So if you’re looking around, and you’re missing a pin, clip, little toys of sorts, you know who’s behind it. We focus on the family of Arrietty, who is the daughter living with mom Homily, and dad Pod. Pod is the de facto gatherer of needed items for the home, until one day Arrietty decides to join him in the art of Borrowing.

This review is for The Borrower Arrietty only. I haven’t watched the Disney’s version of it yet. I’m a little bit loathed to do so, even though I’m a huge Amy Poehler fan because what’s the point of dubbing something that is already great? It may be great for lazy people who can’t bother to read subtitles, but oftentimes different voice actors can take away from a great original piece of art and that itself is a huge disservice to viewers.

[Spoilers Ahead, so read ONLY if you’ve watched this movie already, or if you really love spoilers like I do.]

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