Lights from Dyker Heights

I forgot that I had these on the computer still, but in the spirit of Christmas cheer, here they are!

I heard of this place in Brooklyn called Dyker Heights way back when but never really paid it any mind, as I never really was one that ventured into Brooklyn often so imagine my surprise when a friend of mine invited me to go take some pictures there. ‘Sure, why not,’ I thought. Until he told me that we would be going out at night (understandable, Xmas lights never look that great in the daytime anyway) and that it was going to be deathly cold. Note to self: always overdress when hanging out with Simon.

Dyker Heights is a beautiful neighborhood in Brooklyn that’s renowned for their Christmas decorations. Some houses I saw employed a company to lay out the decorations and some I would assume probably did it themselves. Most of the house lights were off though by the time we got out there (around 1AM so next time we aim to be there earlier) but the ones that stayed on were gorgeous.

I had used my 50mm lens and while I did not get to plant myself and just zoom into certain things to get a shot, I did enjoy the fact that I had to use my feet. It forces you to think a bit before you take a picture willy nilly. I just wish I had brought a more stable tripod (so… many blurry pictures).

Some things to remember for next year:

  • Layered clothing
  • Warmer gloves
  • Stable tripod
  • Boots

Happy Holidays

Would you rather be:

  • with people and miserable?
  • happy and alone?

Black Friday Food Coma

Since I’m not much of a Thanksgiving person, (thank you family that does celebrates holidays half-assedly) I like to eat my huge meals after the day has passed. In my defense though, usually my family celebrates it  in their own little way. No turkey, no stuffing, no mashed potatoes and gravy. It is more of a chicken and rice sort of night. Then if there is no time (or if people are too lazy to pick it up) it’s hotpot Thanksgiving. Oh hotpot. How I love thee. It is not right if you go out and pay someone to eat their hotpot, it is always great to do it at home with your family. That way you can be sure that the meat you’re eating is fresh and not some frozen stuff they just started to thaw just as you sat down at the table.

In any case, hotpot with my family is great. The meat and vegetables are fresh, and there are always enough sauce to go around. Of course when you are paying for it, you have an ample selection of sauces as well; however we are not paying an arm and a leg over this meal, so it was not so bad overall.

So where was I going with this? Ah yes, eating after Thanksgiving. Tonight I had a great meal of chicken, stuffing, and carrots. Oh so delicious, and oh so much food. Hence the whole “Black Friday Food Coma” titling. Would have taken a photo but it was one of those “stuff your face and forget until you have only one little piece of food on the plate” moments.

So on that note, I will leave you with a picture of my silly dog.

Do I go into the hotpot?