A Grandmas² Day

Braving the cold, I made my usual Thursday trek to teach Grandma the PC and forum usage. Grandma’s doing great, she can turn on her computer and navigate to the desktop. Thing is, she still can’t really use the mouse without hitting the wheel & right button. Do they make gigantic mice for the elderly? Practice makes perfect really, I remember when I first started using the PC, I had that same problem as well.

All in all, she’s still doing good, conversing  with other seniors. I think if she successfully navigates through the forum without assistance, my job is done.

Taking the train was fun. Saw the Track Geometry train car while I came up for the train, but was too late to snap a picture of it or make a video. The Track Geometry train cars check all rails throughout the New York City Transit system for cracks and fractures. Catching them early and often, crews can then repair them to avert possible derailments.

Stopped off at the local bank, as rare as it is, to make a deposit. I don’t know if all TD Banks do this, but the branch at Canal Street does. It’s so cute! Now if only they’d have a higher interest rate for saving accounts, I’d be a happier camper.

What a cute message. Okay I think they sold me at the smiley. Damn you emoticons!

Then headed to where all Asians congregate to meet up with my Grandma. Fun times with Grandma: she may walk slow, but at least she’ll buy you lunch.

Squid with peppers and onions in black bean sauce

Had this dish at Big Wing Wong in the Little Italy section of Chinatown. The restaurant, while a bit dingy looking on the outside, leads to a cozy little restaurant inside. So popular that it’s always full of patrons, I never really sat in to eat. Usually I’m there to pick up an order of roasted pork, or fried dough sticks for my congee. They’re always so quick whenever you order, and always there if you have a question, the people there I’m surprised aren’t considered to be Asian versions of The Flash.

Anyway, food was great, but I wished there wasn’t so much rice… this is why Asians all have rice bellies! The peppers were fresh, onions cooked perfectly, and the squid… oh so delicious.

Kind of wish I went out to Chinatown more often, if only I didn’t have to use my MetroCard every time I go.

Track Geometry Car Youtube clip by “BrightonZach”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3MAOxmekLo
Big Wing Wong’s Yelp Page: http://www.yelp.com/biz/big-wing-wong-new-york