Catching up

It’s been a while since I’ve doodled. I just haven’t felt like it lately and I guess doing it tonight is kind of like getting a kick in the rear and getting back into gear. It’s not anything special but it’s something!

The theme tonight was “Catching up,” as in we haven’t gotten together to doodle in 3 long years:

Fatness on a copter

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First doodle of 2012: Grandpa takes a Tumble

Nothing like a little spilled blood to ring in the start of 2012.

All thanks to my pal Frank who decided to tumble up stairs like a pro.

Frank went up the stairs
And tumbled down like a lopsided pear
He got a nasty scrape
Couldn’t patch it with some tape
Now he’ll relive it in a grainy nightmare



Random late night doodles

Crossposted from BusesBE (click to enlarge):

Bil Keane

Back when I frequented the library, nothing really made my day like reading the funnies. I used to take the maximum amount of books out (back then it was 25, not sure if the limit’s changed since then) every time, just so I can have more material to read at home. I don’t know why I never became a comic artist or something along the lines. Que sera I guess. Doodling’s fun though. I get to just throw an idea on “paper” with a tablet and that’s pretty much it. The doodle above is of little Billy in one of Bil’s famous dotted line actions. Anyway, I digress.

I would read Bil Keane’s work. He drew Family Circus. It was about a family basically going through life. I loved how it was drawn in a circle frame instead of the ubiquitous three square strips. At least the good thing about comics is that long after you’re gone, it still lives on. It really can’t get any better than that. RIP Bi(with one)l Keane.

Nucky Thompson fanart

It's supposed to be Nucky... minus the (real) beady eyes.

Click on the picture for more doodles (not necessarily just of the Nuckster, since this is my first attempt). This is also a blatant attempt at getting some more clicks to my doodle blog. Yay Blogger (still love you even though I’m on WP now)! I use both! Multiblogsiting FTW!