Melbus: \ma-EL-ˈbəs\ (thanks M-W, it looks a lot more fancier than “\ma-EL-buh-ss\ or \ˈȯ-tō-ˌbän, ˈau̇-\, which is a pretty cool word to say on its own.)

1: A Mel who likes buses
A hearty consumer of consumable items

This blog is an ongoing work in progress (WIP). It is partly a constant practice of the written word and commitment to a daily blog (even if updated every few days/weeks/months/years).

Oh how I wished I could just wake up and be an expert on photography.

F Stop?


Shutter speed?

What are those?

Learning it day by day, and just winging it sometimes (fiddle with the dials until it looks right), hopefully one day I’ll get it all and stop explaining it like two foreigners talking in sign language.

By the way, why isn’t there a SIRI for cameras (e.g.: SIRI- adjust color temperature levels)?

One day…

– Melbus 2011


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