2014: I Cannot Therefore I Shall Not Keep Resolutions

Happy 2014!

While for many it’s a beginning to a new year, fresh start, I feel like last year was my fresh start and this is just another day to continue my (what I would consider) good luck. Knock on wood, it’ll continue on through 2014 and subsequent years.

Why the very pessimistic title? I just can’t keep a resolution. Every year I aim high but I never seem to hit anything. I have made a few strides but not yet walked that mile quite yet. This year I’m just going to take it as it comes, try to do as much as I can and then just see what happens.

Looking back to 2013’s goals (and updating as of 2014 in bold):

  1. Learn to code (js, c++, html, ruby, completing any one is acceptable) – 2014: Started HTML around Oct of 2013, slowly but surely learning.
  2. Use the Yashica more (and look for better developers as well) – 2014Took a few pictures in 2013, but haven’t yet finished that one roll (did finish a roll… but kind of screwed up and lost all 24 pics).
  3. Hang with friends (even with all my time, hanging out is rare) – 2014: Total fail. Hung out with absolutely no one. Damn work.
  4. Use a sewing machine (no more needles in my fingers!) – 2014: Moved, so no access to a sewing machine. Did use a needle to sew a button on a sweater though.
  5. Take Trouble to the park more – 2014: Moved, now I walk cats.
  6. Learn to crochet – 2014: Did learn to crochet, but haven’t picked it up since I moved. 😦
  7. Learn to knit other patterns (learn to read patterns) – 2014: Haven’t crocheted, haven’t knitted. 😦
  8. Learn a new language (Spanish & Mandarin, completing any one is acceptable) – 2014: Started using Duolingo to refresh my Spanish and after, will start to learn French. I still refuse to pay for Rosetta Stone.
  9. Be more positive – 2014: Working in the new job where it seems positivity is something that definitely gets you through the day.
  10. Update this blog more – 2014: Total fail, haven’t really updated since starting a job.
  11. Volunteer more (but don’t spread self too thinly) – 2014: Fail, haven’t volunteered at all in 2013.

So what really am I aiming for this year?

  • Job: either move off the phones to somewhere that I have more responsibilities (and freedom) and can stretch my legs, or move to another job path
  • Spend more time with my family now that I don’t see them much
  • Spend more time with my SO
  • Work more on #s 1,8,9,10 from last year

Speak your mind!

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