Easy Come, Easy Go

As I finally have some time to sit down (maybe this would become a weekly updated thing), time to fart out some thoughts of things that happened in the past week (few weeks?).


I think sometimes letting things go are for the best, especially if it’s a bad placement for everyone. After three weeks of having our new dog, sadly we had to return him back to the rescue organization. It was heartbreaking all around, but when the dog attacks after a week of being in his new home it just doesn’t seem like a pet we would like to keep around little animal and children. So, back he went. At least we had some nice moments where we went to the park and those long walks.


Astrid is just growing little by little every day. My little girl is growing up so quickly. She still likes being on my lap at times, but when I try to hold her she squirms and tries to escape. I love Jean (the older cat) too, but I think sometimes she’s a bad influence. Jean doesn’t like to be held for long periods of time and now Astrid is learning from her big sister. No bueno.


As I enter my fifth (whoa!) month of work, it’s getting interesting. (So far) none of us have been sacked yet. I’m getting used to the schedule and the people. I love my coworkers, I always think, even if the gig is horrible, the people I meet during my journey that some are ones that are destined to stay and some are just fleeting meets. This feels like the former. These people definitely make my day, even if something brings me down. Somehow a year seems so far away, but every day I’m getting closer to it. I guess just keep on the path I’m going and hopefully it will lead to bigger and better things. We’ll see. If not, then I can at least catch up on my sleep and hobbies.



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