Work and Pets

I haven’t posted in so long, and it feels so weird that I’m just sitting here doing it now. It’s like picking up a book that you haven’t touched for a while and wondering where to begin.



So far work has been interesting to say the least. We lost some along the way, but most of us are still here as they bring in new meat every day. What at the beginning seemed to be akin to the Panopticon is now the norm. Due to the strict social media rules, I’m abstaining from mentioning what I do on this blog. Part of me is starting to enjoy the work, only due to the fact that I’ve got hilarious co-workers. It really does make the day go by a little bit easier.



Life has been fun. I’ve moved. I got cats. I may even get dogs. It’s going to turn into an animal house soon enough only that we’re both not hoarders so no worries in the future whether we’ll be eaten by our pets.



I haven’t doodled seriously in the longest. I did do it briefly during work one day during a brief lull. Photography wise, I’ve been taking some pictures of the cats with the dSLR, but my film experience this year so far has been a tragedy (see previous post). I miss going out, but every time I’ve had a day off it’s been raining so no pictures for me.


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