Film Fail

Ever had that one moment where you just wanted to smack yourself in the face?

What’s the saying? Oh yeah, epic facepalm moment.



It’s been so long since I used the film camera (with my horrible memory, not using it for a while, once when I start again puts me back to square one) that I made one of the most newbish mistakes ever. Now that I’m awake and I realize it, part of me is shaking my head, and part of me wants to toss myself off the building because it was such a stupid mistake.

The rewind button!

I have to say, once I make an epic mistake, I won’t ever make it again. Next time I’ll definitely remember to press the button while winding the film. Due to not pressing that button, I ruined a whole roll of film that took me just about a month to finish. Sheesh. And I took such good notes this time… at least I could attempt a take two of some pictures next week, weather permitting.


Now off to lick my wounds and bounce back for the next time.


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