2013: Goals and Whatnot.

Happy 2012!

I mean… 2013.
With the new year beginning (or for those more cynical, just another year closer to death), I have gathered a list of things I shall try to accomplish.
So what is on the agenda for me this year?

  • Learn to code (js, c++, html, ruby, completing any one is acceptable)
  • Use the Yashica more (and look for better developers as well)
  • Hang with friends (even with all my time, hanging out is rare)
  • Use a sewing machine (no more needles in my fingers!)
  • Take Trouble to the park more
  • Learn to crochet
  • Learn to knit other patterns (learn to read patterns)
  • Learn a new language (Spanish & Mandarin, completing any one is acceptable)
  • Be more positive
  • Update this blog more
  • Volunteer more (but don’t spread self too thinly)

On and off I’ll try to post updates, hopefully there’ll be some to update with. I’m a little excited about the new year although the feeling of turning over a new leaf is really a placebo to me. Oop! Looks like I’ll have to focus on #8 a little bit more!


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