Roads and Wildlife at Kissena Park

Instead of learning how to crochet, I felt the need to update the blog. I mean, I could have really made my 5th granny square, but blogging is so much more fun!

(5th square in my dreams… if anyone was curious, I did make 4 chains, and 2 double chains and then got lost, but totally besides the point!)

So where were we? Ah yes!
Kissena Part — part deux (if you recall, I had visited this park earlier this year where had one remembered extra batteries, there would have been more bird pictures…). I went to visit a friend whom I had not seen for quite some time so it was very nice to reconnect. She had given me a mini tour of Flushing and a part of Kissena Park I had not seen (the less woodsy & apocalpytic area) where I saw some very nice sights and BUNNIES <insertwantfacehere>!

After what seemed like a lot of walking (great for my pedometer, bad for my shins) we arrived at the park. It was nice and empty– one of the few pros of Wintertime– except for a few people, their dogs and the rare jogger. We had came upon this area that had a little monument for the veterans and fallen of the Korean War. It was very nice, seemed like something right outside of Washington DC. I really loved the top part of the monument with the little figures carved right into (bronze coated cement?) it.

There is a lake there with a few ducks and lone swan braving the winds but their feathers were probably much better than my coat.

Whatsitsface forgot it couldn't swim...

Whatsitsface forgot it couldn’t swim…

Did I mention that it was a bit chilly?
We walked around the lake, and came upon this tree. Facetree!

Peekaboo with Whatsitsface

Peekaboo with Whatsitsface

Although it’s great having the park to yourself, one of the cons of Wintertime is that it gets dark like that. A half hour later, it was time to make our exit. Making our way back up the winding path, we came across two adorable bunnies that most likely were abandoned by negligent idiots. Fortunately they seem to be thriving.

Whatsitsface loves bunnies

Whatsitsface loves bunnies

When it gets warmer, I will definitely have to make a trek back there to see the rest of the animals (and trees).


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