Tatzu Nishi’s Discovering Columbus exhibit

I was meaning to post this last week, so better late than never.

Originally I had tickets to see it in early November, but Hurricane Sandy stopped by our little city and put everything to a standstill. Luckily we were given a chance to reserve tickets early, so I ended up with tickets to see it during its last week of installation.
For the most part, I did enjoy seeing it although there were so many people (many of them staying past the allotted time) that it just felt claustrophobic. There were so many people crowding over the statue, it was rather hard to get a good shot of it. I regretted not bringing my wide angle lens.

The exhibit itself was I suppose, a typical modern living room (if by typical you have a gigantic statue of Columbus, sure) where people go and read their morning paper. Pity that they didn’t have refreshments though…



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