Water, water, everywhere – Bermuda East

Bloggers should be penalized for creating drafts and forgetting about them. Okay I’m really talking about myself, not because I love staring at about 10 draft messages in my dashboard, but because I keep forgetting to complete them.

So what made me remember this one? Looking at my failtan. It was a week of good memories and horrific sunburning. If they showed Nagani from Harry Potter shedding, that would’ve been me (had you been curious for a mental picture).

Bermuda East End – consists of major tourist attractions such as St. George’s, Tobacco Beach, and St. Catherine’s Fort.
Traveling to St. George’s is accessible by either ferry or bus. Take the Orange ferry, or the #1/3/6/10/11 bus to St. George’s on a Zone 14 ticket.

An event to keep an eye out is the “dunking of the wench” event near St. George’s Harbor (happens at noon). She’s a good sport, although I found it a wee bit misogynistic. They could’ve dunked a guy as easily as they did a woman really (the guy usually is a tourist that they wrangle to play along as the “town drunk”).

Walk around St. George’s a bit and you’ll find yourself at Somers Garden. Somers Garden is named after Sir George Somers, who founded Bermuda when his ship, the Sea Venture crashed into the island back in 1609. Supposedly you’ll find Sir Somers’ heart buried in a casket in the park. How true that is, not certain. Only his heart though. His body was shipped back in a cask to his native England.

Somers Garden is also site to the “Moon Gate” (which looks like a truncated Stargate). Its origins can be traced to Chinese architecture where they are found in the gardens of wealthy nobles. They are symbolic for good luck, and newlyweds are encouraged to pause under it for a life long of luck and happiness (we had encountered rough seas on the journey back… so some luck that was).

Bermudian Moon Gate

The gallery below shows pictures from both Tobacco Bay Beach and St. Catherine’s Beach/Fort.


Tobacco Bay, in short, is a tourist’s beach. It’s also a pink sand beach, if you’re inclined to taking some home (definitely legal, by the way). If you’re looking for privacy or space, you won’t really get much of it here. It’s a great area to snorkel, however. For privacy, one should walk down a little bit more past Tobacco Bay to one of the smaller, more secluded areas. A bit of walk down Barry Road and you’ll hit Cut Road. Walking up that (be wary of the hill, it’s a walk in the heat) you’ll hit St. Catherine’s Fort (and Beach). YMMV in privacy. If the crowd is mostly in Tobacco, your chances of getting a whole beach to yourself are high if you make the trek all the way to St. Catherine’s. St. Catherine’s sand is a light pink but very fine compared to the coarse sand from Tobacco Bay. There is also a little known glass beach, if you walk down Barry Road, you’ll hit Alexandria Battery (and subsequently the beach). We never got to venture down there (had to catch the bus back to the ship in time for dinner) so maybe if we are lucky to return back another time, we’ll definitely try to hit that area.

Very great views, but safety first: do not forget the sunblock, or else your skin won’t forgive you (as I stare at my Yin-Yang legs…)

Next up – Bermuda West End!


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