Sunken Meadow Beach, Long Island (aka feet killer).

It was quite stormy today in the Tri-State Area (NY, NJ, & CT) with rain in the “outer” boroughs (yes, socially NYC is only Manhattan to New Yorkers/tourists) and hail (!) in Manhattan no less. Yes, way to make them even more special, they get hail while we only get rain.

In any case, the storm aside (and now the weather’s nice and cool) it made me reminisce about the last storm that I had the fortune of avoiding (being inside is pretty much avoiding rain IMO). It was come to think of it, just a little before a month ago. We (alBus, chocoBus aka Melissa, and myself) ventured out even further into de eyeland into Sunken Meadow State Park for a bit of morning afternoon BBQing.

While we had a slight rain shower, it was apparently pouring death back in the city and even parts of Long Island (rain, thunder, and hail no less) but wasn’t bad enough that it ruined our grilling. Afterwards we checked out the adjoining beach. Since it was quite cloudy even though it didn’t rain, the lifeguards had red flags all over the sands to keep the beachgoers out. At first while we were disappointed, soon after the red flags were replaced by green and it was time to frolic in the water (after a long walk over the path of rocks and pebbles). Protip: bring water shoes, or sandals, or shoes that you don’t mind getting wet. Those rocks hurt!

There were some great bird sightings as well. We had seen Cormorants, Common Terns, as well as Herons but our puny point & shoots didn’t have the zoomage for it. It was a pretty fun day overall thinking back, there were some things that we could prepare better for such as: little to no reception, bringing more prepared food, and better cameras (natch).

Next time we shall capture some avian souls!


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