Gaming Heads Portal Turrets- 16″ of awesome

Just a quick blurb blog (Qurblog?)

As if a gamer’s wallet couldn’t take any more hits, Gaming Heads is coming out with a 16″ version of Portal 2’s Aperture Science Turrets (probably ten times even more adorable in poly-stone reality).

There’s two versions out. A regular AS Turret at USD $299.99 that has a motion sensor which lights up when you pass anything over its eye, and a more exclusive version at USD $324.99 which has a motion sensor plus sounds! They’re at pre-order status though and will

I see it getting AI in another 5 years.

Just when I thought NECA was the only company that was going to come out with Portal Turrets, seeing this today just probably made my wallet want to commit suicide.


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