Coming soon to a toy store near you– TF2 figurines by NECA!

Quick blurb, but just read on NECA’s blog that they are in the midst of sculpting and creating figurines for the game Team Fortress 2 by Valve. Ohmygaw– jaw dropping moment much? NECA’s figurines are beautiful. I haven’t owned any of them yet, but just from the pictures of their recently unveiled ones (eg: Ah-nold (Arnold) in Predator, complete with jungle mud baked on him) in this year’s SDCC I can tell that people will be throwing their money at NECA once these figurines are released at the local toy stores (note to self: kick self for living extremely far away from a Toys ‘R Us). I know I would. Anyway, back to TF2. Are they just not awesome looking? Look at Heavy’s minigun (figure on the left). Oh Sasha, how I’ve longed to feel you in my hands!

Yes NECA, please take my money now. You do, take change right? (

Checking out their Sculptor’s corner (NECA’s blog page, link above) I couldn’t help but notice a Professor Layton figurine by Kaiyodo laying in the background. No lie, I own two Professors (had to buy an extra just in case something befell him while being played with too hard). He’s just too adorable, but that’s a story for another day. Moving on, I find their Revoltech figurines to be gorgeous on their own with so many points of articulation. Guess the sculptors at NECA are taking a page out of their book to make the new figurines just as articulated? Again, just a speculation based on the picture I saw but I love it no less. The more articulated the figure, the more appealing they are to consumer I believe.

Here’s one for the Professor: how many points of articulation does it take for Pyro to hold his flamethrower to burn his enemies down? (

So in short, yeah. Just take my money already NECA. Maybe in the future they could do a “figure of the month” club where we can just give them money and come home to boxes and boxes of purdy toys. Wishful thinking, I know.


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