Iron Sky: Nazis in Space, a short review.

The “Fourth Reich” (

Okay so I was roped into watching a movie called Iron Sky last night. “Nazis in space, how good could that be?” I wondered. Husband goes, “No it’s got a good rating on” So I figure, “alright, I’ll give it a shot,” and just multitask while this B movie play in the background. Little did I know that towards the end I would be glued watching the screen to see what those wacky Nazis would be doing.

This movie is a sci-fi comedy, you have Nazis but they are portrayed in such a laughable manner that you can’t help but just go, “aww those darn kids.” If you’re looking for a historical movie about WWII, sadly this isn’t it. I have to say also, that this movie is mostly fan-funded (Kickstarter for movies anyone?) so that was a pretty awesome thing. It either means a lot of people enjoy hilarious movies, or there are a lot more Nazi sympathizers than I thought existed (it’s the former, the former!).

So the plot of this story? It is the year 2018 and there is a woman president who is a Sarah Palin-esque clone (is this some sick foreshadowing) going up for reelection. She’s looking for a good way to cement her win for the next term so she sends James Washington, a black model, who goes to the moon with an astronaut to build up support for her party back on Earth. They stumble upon what is a Nazi installment and gets taken prisoner by Space Nazis. The Nazis have a fortress, in the shape of a Swastika, located on the dark side of the moon. Apparently during WWII, the Nazis sent people into space and they colonized the dark side of the moon (I wonder if they found Sentinel & the Deceptacons during excavation). The Nazis try to return to Earth to bring about the “Fourth Reich,” with hilarious results.

They don’t succeed, by the way, but I don’t want to give away the ending. You would just have to watch it for yourself.

Again, what I loved about it was that regular people were backing this project. It is a good precedent to set, as it would give fans a chance to make a direct impact on something they love. On the other hand, we may just end up funding a lot of explosgasms with no plot. Your mileage may vary, I suppose. For something to watch when there was nothing on the television, this was a good choice. While I may have watched it if it were on the big screen (that I knew of), it is a good rental for that rainy day.


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