The Osprey has Landed

Taking advantage of the abnormally warm weather last Thursday, I went out to the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge Center with a friend out in Jamaica, Queens.

Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge Center is part of the Gateway National Recreation Area run by the National Park Service. The Bay itself is a huge swath of land, that spans along Crossbay Boulevard from Howard Beach into Broad Channel, Queens. Although the weather was less than ideal (considering that it was somewhat warm, it was still Winter, so there were little avian activity), we still came out with a few good sightings.

This Osprey, for instance. The last time we went to the Bay, the nest was empty and no Ospreys to be seen. I think we lucked out there.

Guess he's guarding his nest?

We saw some other bird but my sad little 18-200mm lens couldn’t cut it in terms of zoomage. Pooh.

While leaving, I did get some nice shots of Canadian Geese nomnomnoming on some grass.

Canadian Goose nomming on some grass.

Not much left to do, but to wait for the weather to get a bit warmer to get more sightings. That and bring binoculars too.


One thought on “The Osprey has Landed

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