Nighttime at the Park

With her rent-a-dog in the night.


… Yes yes yes, it has been a while since I’ve last blogged. Forgive me, distractions and a lot of reading (if you can call it that. So many news aggregating sites… so little time) has kept me from posting. That, and a lack of words to put onto a blog post was a good reason as well. I pinned the tab to my browser… and all it does is make me feel even guiltier that it hasn’t been accessed in a while. 😦

Today’s abnormally Spring-like weather in Winter reminded me of this photo. The night I had taken this of my SIL in the park with the dog, was abnormally warm as well. It was the day after a Fall storm last year. I actually liked how it turned out although I had my doubts that it was going to be a clear picture. Not being very knowledgeable in taking photos at night, especially with moving subjects, and in a foggy like atmosphere, seeing that it turned out quite nicely really was a nice surprise.

Note to self: stop noting down the [camera] settings on little scraps of paper… because they are extremely easy to lose. Seriously. All that “data,” gone.


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