-Tripod = Surreal-like messed up shots

Much like one to toot my own horn when I take decent pictures, I’m not unwilling to admit when I take horrid ones. This post is about those pictures (cue the Law & Order theme).

As you can tell, these were taken with the wrong exposure setting, wrong shutter speed, and general lack of tripod usage.


So what’s the moral of the story in regards to low lighting? Bring. A. Tripod.


2 thoughts on “-Tripod = Surreal-like messed up shots

    • Thanks a lot for your comment! The first one was of the moon taken from my backyard at IIRC, one second exposure.

      I think I would’ve been more happier had I known that it would’ve came out like that instead of having to wait (the cons of growing up digital, I like the instant gratification of knowing what I took after I took it).

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