What kind of camera do I use?

For the most part  of my life I’ve been using digital (Canon fangirl here), but lately I felt a need to go back to the basics of photography. It just so happens that’s when my parents while cleaning out their closet, found a Yashica Electro 35 GSN camera.

Courtesy of kenrockwell.com


My dad had wanted to throw it out. He said, “with digital, who needs film? You can take all the pictures you want and never spend a dime developing.”
After a bit of arguing, I kept it. Holding it reminded me of the pictures my dad used to take when he actually took pictures. He wasn’t an expert, but he seemed to enjoy doing it always snapping a picture of us here and there. Nowadays he’s more content just looking at them. I remembered when I used to hold the camera, the rare times that I was allowed to hold it (I was dubbed “butterfingers” which to be fair) that camera was rather heavy. Now a decade and a half later, it still has heft to it. Some things hasn’t changed.

It was a little bit of a work though, to get it back into running. It wasn’t that bad considering what I’ve read about other older cameras that weren’t kept with care (shutter problems, buttons don’t work). There was a bit of fungus on the view finder, but other than that a quick replacing of the light seals made the camera right as rain. The view finder problem was pretty insignificant as it still worked fine.

I think asides from procuring actual film, I should make some use out of this.


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