MOOve over, quality business cards are here.

From my very creative headline there, it’s no wonder I never pursued an opportunity in news media. The editors would have laughed me right back outside.

MOO. What is it? It’s more like to be exact. They are a company (created in 2004) that is in the cards business (greeting cards, business cards, post cards, etc…). I found out from them when Lifehacker posted that they partnered up with Facebook and their new Timeline feature (no doubt to get more people to willingly switch from the old profile template). In any case since I already had Timeline, I didn’t really have anything to lose and checked it out.

If you feel like getting it (doubt the promotion is still live), you could go here to get your cards:

Click on the little card, to get your little cards.

So you sign up through Facebook, customize and then bam, you’re done. No fuss, no muss. The design of the cards vary based off the cover pictures that you have on Timeline. If you have more than one picture, Moo divides the pictures out of 50 (e.g.: 2 cover pictures = 25 cards each of either picture).

The thing I would gripe about is that when you customize notes in the back and you go back to edit it, it would display what you had written first and not what you had written currently (out of multiple edits). It causes a little bit of confusion. Same goes for the PDF proofs that they provide. Great idea, but at the same time it still displays what you had written originally and not current edits. However, once you were done that it was it. All you need to do now is wait for the emails that notified you when they were printed, mailed out, wait a few days, and you would get a lovely little package via USPS.

I wish I had taken pictures, but it came in a bubble mailer. Once opened it was a plain white box appropriately the size of business cards. Open that? Business cards! Who would have thunk it? You can feel the heft right off the bat. That’s how 50 cards weigh?!

The cards themselves are beautiful. They are printed on I don’t know what specific type of paper (help me Dunder Mifflin) but it feels like a nice strong cardstock. If I were to ever recycle these, they would make great bookmarks. They don’t bend as easily as traditional business cards.

From Moo’s Business Cards FAQ:

MOO Business Cards are high quality, double sided Business Cards. They’re printed on thick paper stock (it’s so thick, other printers call it ‘premium’), and there’s a choice of either sustainably sourced, matte laminated paper or 100% recycled paper.

So thick, getting a papercut probably feels as if you’ve gotten one from a cardboard box.

(Front) 50 of them looking for new homes...

Although for the free cards you can’t personalize much, the font type suffices. All you really need is great information anyway. The back is personalized with anything you choose to put in it (quotes, random babbling, rants/raves- although you wouldn’t want to do the latter), followed by your personal contact information (telephone/email). There is a lot of leeway in what you want displayed. For instance, on the front photo, normally it would be addresses but you could customize it for emails and websites instead. Great for you who have multiple dwellings in cyberspace, and great for those who likes things in the traditional sense.


  • Quality cardstock business cards
  • Full customizable with pictures and words
  • Quick turnaround (printing -> delivery)
  • Wastes less when printing, using less ink and subsequently reducing water usage (so your conscience is well rested at night)


  • Price ($15 for subsequent Facebook card orders of 50 and $21.99 for regular cards of 50)

Don’t let the price deter you though. If you’re really into cards and want quality, you may want to sacrifice a little bit of green to get something that won’t crumple in someone’s pants after 5 minutes.


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