Chubbles in the Snow.

I think I have to start this off with: if you’re a dog owner and your dog loves snow, congratulations. I believe that I am the in the minority of owners whose dog abhors the snow. While I see dogs frolic in wintry wonderland scenarios, mine would touch it and much like a person dipping their toes into a cold pool and shying away from it, that’s what he does.

Sometimes I wonder if he’s got the soul of a cat, trapped in a dog’s body (a new show coming to you on NBC).

Anyway, here are some pictures of him frolicking in the snow (no he wasn’t) taken with the “roidizer” app in Android Market. Free and oh so fun to use!

We did keep him outside for company where he ended up enjoying himself a little bit by running around like a maniac on the sidewalk. Oh silly dog.


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