Cold shootings in Forest Park.

Although this is a December without snow (hold out some hope, there’s three more days til the 2012), the cold was still present. Oh so windy, and oh so chilly. They’re both synomous but what the heck.

24,000 or so steps later, what may be sore muscles later on, and a bit of dirt on my pants (most likely from being whacked with unknown plant branches here and there), I did come out with a couple of nice pictures.

Forest Park is awesome. Give it a little bit of time, go off the smooth walking pavement into the wooded areas, and be amazed at all the beauty that surrounds you. So many different types of plants, trees, and shooting opportunities await! Of course, you have to time it right. If you go too late in the evenings, you may run into dealers cutting drugs or doing drugs. I doubt that druggies like going out into the cold much, so I think we lucked out today. Too bad Forest Park doesn’t have their own security patrols (much like Central Park’s own police force… yes they have their own security).

In any case, it’s still a great place to visit without going out to Central Park and dealing with tourists walking ever so slowly in your way and brides taking their wedding shots near the pond.

Some stats about Forest Park in Richmond Hill, Queens:

  • 543.53 Acres, or according to google is 2,197,443.04 m(square meters)
  • Third largest park in Queens (first is Flushing Meadows Corona Park, and second is Alley Pond Park)
  • Created from a glacier that molded Long Island
  • Has one of the most challenging golf courses in the city
  • Considered to have a “knob and kettle” terrain, which means that is has ridges and irregular gullies (hills & dips, more or less)
  • Has a wooden carousel with animals carved by Daniel Carl Mueller. It’s one of two that remains that still houses his carvings, out of twelve originally he had done in his lifetime. The carousel  ran until 1989 after disrepair and renovations respectively. Today the carousel is boarded up.

And without further ado, here are some shots I took of the beauties within the park:

NYC Parks Department Forest Park Page:’s Flushing Meadows Corona Park page:’s Alley Pond Park page:
NYC Parks Department page about the Forest Park Carousel:


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