Happy Festivus with the Sound of Music


Julie Andrews makes the 'hausfrau' look good. Pic from dailymail.co.uk

Not being an avid movie fan, I tend to go back to the classics when there’s nothing good on. One of my favorites, as you could probably tell from the photo is The Sound of Music. The Sound of Music was a movie musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein made back in 1965. When you think about it, in the year 2011 that a channel is still reairing this movie, it just screams “classic” to you. A little bit of simple math, this movie is 46 years old (being a fail Asian, thank you calc.exe).

Wow. older than most of us could probably remember (that is, assuming the hip young’uns are watching this instead of rocking their new Air Jordans) and it still manages to rekindle of those memories of childhood nostalgia even when the actors/actresses have since aged.

Growing up, this movie was a favorite of my mom’s. She wasn’t much for American cinema, but Sound of Music was one that she just had to watch. Back when VHS tapes averaged around $20 or so (yeah, once up on a time they did), she picked one up from the Best Buy on 5th Avenue, brought it home and began to start wearing it out in the VCR. That was our idea of a family night. Sitting around, watching a bunch of children sing about something (who paid attention when they were young?) and some characters dressed in red and black chasing them towards the end. Nazis? What the what?

Then growing up a little bit more, the more you watched the movie, the more you understood what it was about. Sort of a coming of age movie about young love, and the dangers of living in a Nazi occupied country during World War II, you start to appreciate how good your life is. That and how people preserve under fire.

The music was catchy (Doe, a deer, a female deer, anyone?) as well as educational. Who knew ray was a drop of golden sun? Or me, was a name that I called myself, and that far was a long long way to run (I’m sorry, did I start going into a sing-a-long)? When you were a child, you appreciated the more light hearted ones. When you’re an adult, if you’re like me, you reminisced about the jaunty tunes and appreciated the more serious ones such as Edelweiss. Maybe I’m getting old, but every time I listen to Edelweiss sung by Christopher Plummer (apparently in this video, it really is Plummer’s voice, as his singing in the movie itself was dubbed by Bill Lee, because Plummer was a singing amateur. Still sounds pretty damn good though) as Captain Von Trapp, I get a little misty eyed. Also reminds me of my parents, who, although did not speak a lick of English then, managed to know the words to Edelweiss as well as the other songs.

It certainly is not a Christmas-y movie by any standards, but watching Sound of Music is a great way to spend the holidays with your family, that’s for sure.

Happy Festivus, one and all!


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