Things that are worth your money, and things that are not.

[This really isn’t a post on Cyber Monday deals. If you are inclined however, EA has slashed the prices of their games up to 60%. You can find deals for games such as Madden ’12 (Xbox 360/PS3)Sims 3 plus Pets (PC), and Batman: Arkham City (PC). There are more titles, depending on what your taste/platform of choice is.]

**Apologizing in advance if the post seems to be one giant mass of words. Apparently WP is not formatting my paragraphs right. Not even putting in html manually does the trick. Sigh.**

Although Cyber Monday is halfway over, the night is still young. In scouring online deals, one is bound to find things that are useful and things that are not. I’ve stopped participating in Cyber Monday this year because 1) deals aren’t what they used to be, and 2) there aren’t really any good deals. What happened to items being dirt cheap come Black Friday/Cyber Monday? Isn’t that the purpose of people trampling each other to death that one day? Just so they can save something on a product that their recipient will probably return (“Oh this is nice, but what’s this red stuff on the corner of the box?” “Nothing big, I just clocked a lady over the head so I could grab this last toaster”).
Reading my usual quadrinity (as opposed to the “holy trinity”) of Jezebel, Gawker, Lifehacker, and Gizmodo, I always find something that piques my interest. Sometimes not in a good way, it just leave you going, “what?” to. These were one of those moments.

On Jezebel, there was a story about Live! With Kelly where Kelly Ripa was testing out one of those unusual gifts one would give someone for the holidays. One of which was called the “Wine Rack”. Literal in every sense. The Wine Rack, sold by Cooler Fun, LLC. According to their site description, with the Wine Rack, you could “turn an A cup in to double Ds AND sport your favorite beverage for yourself and your friends!” But judging by how Kelly demonstrates it, I’m not sure how fun it would be to have bags of liquor/liquid on your body and having a friend suckle from it through a tube. It sort of makes for one of those awkward Youtube moments, unless you’re doing a remix of Katy Perry’s I Kissed a Girl. As someone who isn’t quite well endowed, I’d much rather buy a pushup bra than spend $30 on this contraption. At least my boobs will stay dry.

Obviously that is something not quite worth my money, IMO.
Something that is worth the money, however, is this neat little invention. I was leafing through my Popular Science magazine the other day and found it. Called the sOccket by Uncharted Play, you can definitely call it a plug & play device. It looks like a soccer ball (with what seems to be gears inside) that would harness kinetic energy as you play with it so after a bit of play, you could charge your devices by plugging in a 3.5mm jack. So far from what I’ve gleamed is that you could plug in a lamp with this jack. Hopefully when it gets more popular, they could incorporate usb compatibility. It is definitely an invention that is worth following. It’s practical. Kids can play, and learn at the same time. Then when they go home, they can use it to read their books. For now though it seems that you can buy one to give to a “child in need” (for $75) but later one would have the option to “buy one, gift one”. Hopefully it will be soon.
You can follow the folks at sOccket on Twitter.

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