Zits: A full moon in the rain.

I love my Sunday funnies, and the only reason why anyone would subscribe to the New York Daily News would be for the funnies alone. To be fair, although the other tabloid papers (e.g.: New York Post, Newsday) have funnies as well, the Daily News is the best bargain for the amount of funnies. The New York Post at $0.75 has only a half page of comics (in b/w to boot!) and Newsday is (I believe) $1.00. The Daily News, at $0.75 has two pages of comics in color. The Daily News used to have four whole pages but they slowly and gradually shrank their funnies while filling it up with pages of advertisements. And they say print media is still going strong. In another few years who knows, there will probably be one page of comics and 75% of it will be ads (as opposed to 60% right now*).

I digress. In any case, back to the funnies. In subscribing, I get the privilege of getting a sneak peek at the Sunday funnies on Saturday. Oh and the coupons. Love the coupons and circulars. It gives me an opportunity to window shop while staring at circulars and pretending that I would go out and actually buy said advertised products. So I tossed the useless stuff and dove into what was most important.

Mind you, I’m no prude by any means but I can definitely see someone out there that probably read it and clutching their pearls in horror. I love Zits by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman. I’ve been reading them since I was a teenager and amazed at all the different types of art in the newspaper. My favorite has to be Mutts, Zits, Hagar the Horrible, Garfield, and Dilbert (before I read about what a big d-bag Scott Adams is) to say a few. I actually had a crush on Jeremy at one point, and today I’ve got to say my teenage self would probably be squealing because there’s a moon shot. Hellooooooo Jeremy (although really, where is the tan lines along the waist? C’mon)! I think the more surprising point is that a butt shot made it to print. Like I said, in all my years of comics reading I just haven’t seen many of those (think this definitely has to be a first… which is quite bloggable).

The comic (click to enlarge):

Commence the clutching of the pearls!

I hope no one is going to read this and think that I find this mildly offensive. Quite on the contrary I think this is right along the times. Of course I’m not expecting frontal anytime soon (those are the types of comics your mom would warn you about but you’ll still google it anyway**), but comic artists have had a history of slipping in risque things subtly into their strips. All it makes me want to do is look forward to the next comic.

*Not really accurate but if you read the Daily News you will probably agree.
**No, not really. But your more Internet savvy mom would likely warn you about some other stuff much more risque than nudes in comics than some comic character showing off their badonkadonk.

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