Convenant House’s 21st Candlelight Vigil/Concert

Thursdays seem to be my busiest day of the week. I teach a senior the art of navigating through the Internets. Asides from teaching said senior how not to get inundated by Internet spambots and malware, once a month I have a “knitting meet”. I call it that, I am pretty sure there is a more technical/fancier way of connotation. Today was one of those days.

Things that were on my agenda:

  • Senior PC fun
  • Knitting meet fun
  • TNT Mystery Movie Night fun

As you could tell, it was a day of fun. If it weren’t raining, however, it would have been much more fun. That would have allowed me to save carrying 5lbs that was my umbrella (Totes represent!).

Luckily I had a date with a friend (the webmistress of, which by the way is an excellent stop for those interested in news that pertain to the Caribbeans, shameless plug, I know) who was kind enough to accompany me to Mystery movie Night. She also served as my trusty photographer when my poor S5’s batteries died within a few shots. Sigh.

We arrived a wee too early for the event however (an hour, which is too early apparently), so we were shooed from the door and told to meander around the streets until the event starting time. Not a problem at all when you are located right near Times Square, what is there not to do there?

We were glad for the chance of walking around, because we ended up stumbling into Covenant House’s 21st Candlelight Vigil/Concert right on Military Island. For those who do not know, Military Island is the area along 43rd and 44th Street on 7th Avenue in Times Square. It is a block long, and right outside where Good Morning America films part of their shows. It is also the site for an Armed Forces (Marine Corps.)  recruitment center, as well as an NYPD station. In any case, right outside of the recruitment center, there are events that usually take place throughout the day.

Tonight was Covenant House’s night. Covenant House is an organization that was founded in the 1960s, and established officially as a non-profit entity in 1972. They specialize in assisting homeless youths who have found themselves out in the streets with no place to go, and no where to turn. According to their history, they currently serve 55,000 kids, giving them a way out of the cold. Covenant House teamed up with Abolition International as well as its founder, singer Natalie Grant (who also took part in the concert) tonight to raise awareness for homeless youths and human trafficking.

Another thing of note that was rather impressive. Tonight was also the first time that a group of CEOs and business leaders will sleep out in the streets, in a sort of “where the other half lives” moment.

From Covenant House:

Philip Andryc of Berens Capital Management; Brian Cashman of the New York Yankees; Bill Donahoe of Allegiance Retail Services/Foodtown; Gary Dubois of Crum & Forster/Seneca; Dave Eklund of Aeolus Reinsurance; Tom Glocer of Thomson Reuters; Jeff Kaplan of Deerfield Management; Geraldine Laybourne, co-founder of the Oxygen Network and chairman of Alloy Entertainment; Julio Alfonso Portalatin of Chartis Growth Economies; George P. Reeth of Companion Property and Casualty; Adam Silver of the NBA; and Strauss Zelnick of Zelnick Media.


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