Occupy Wall Street: dead?

Breaking news as per the NY Times on their site as well as the New York Observer via Twitter, the NYPD has been dismantling tents and herding protesters out of Zuccotti Park as of about two hours ago (which would make it around 12:30-1:30AM today//As per TheOther99, the NYPD put out an eviction notice for the protesters around 1AM at Zuccotti Park).

From New York Observer’s twitter feed, some glimpses on what’s going down in the Park (earliest to latest):

“Here with credentialed photogs from NYT, WSJ and Reuters they’re also being barred from #occupywallstreet”
“NYPD officers at barricade twitpic.com/7een88
“NYPD warning to #occupywallstreet continued: “Any belongings left in the park will be removed to a sanitation warehouse.”
“Here with an NBC cameraman who’s also not being allowed to pass “Our live truck can’t even get through.”
“The gates at City Hall Park are locked and candles are lit. We are headed to Foley Square.”

As we can see, the NYPD is keeping anyone from the media or otherwise from entering Zuccotti Park to cover the event. They have barricades set up and have people exiting only.

Also, according to the livestream of Occupy Wall Street, the NYPD are apparently using batons and pepper spray on protesters (as well as an Long Range Acoustic Device “LRAD” device, which is a sound cannon of sorts, but NYPD has since abandoned using it as it affected their personnel as well). In expecting a potential riot, the police are the ones who are seems to be the aggressors in this instance.
** Here is a better working link if the first livestream isn’t working.**
**The Other 99 stream**

Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez has been injured as well as arrested in his Occupy Wall Street participation. (PolitickerNY)

By morning, the 1% will have their park back, it seems by the actions of the NYPD as well as the Mayor’s office. It’s quite cowardly, to act literally in the middle of the night when protesters weren’t expecting anything.

Seems like the NYPD is taking a lax mood on the protesters right now, protesters singing songs and abandoned their quirky little chants (e.g.: “You’re sexy, you’re cute, take off your riot suit!”). Not sure if the media is allowed into the areas right about now, but who really needs the media when you have people livestreaming the event from inside? So far, everything seems to have calmed down somewhat. The police doesn’t look like they’re out for blood, and the protesters aren’t looking to start throwing molotovs anytime soon. How this will end? We’ll have to see when morning comes.


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