Team Fortress 2, You Addictive Bastard

As you can see there has been a slight delay in blog entries. The culprit? Team Fortress 2! Halloween event. Hats! Costumes, and more hats! Oh man. Yeah. If there’s anything that’ll get me, it’s hats, pins, or something equally shiny. Although it’s all virtual goods, it’s still rather fabby to see a Pyro all dressed up and raring to burn baby burn.

Oh yeah, and killing nearly invincible bosses because people are dicks on servers (e.g: shooting you instead of the boss when it spawns). Yes, fun times.


2 thoughts on “Team Fortress 2, You Addictive Bastard

  1. Great piece, I agree totally you should never consume food from a can that are dented in any way for safety reason, the reporter should have done research before airing the piece.

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