Today in New York:

Three train cars off the (6) subway line derailed today, a carriage horse passed away while on the job, and Mayor Bloomberg’s sex ed plans in schools under fire.

CBS 2 reports that on the (6) line this morning around 4AM, 3 train cars came off their rails between Chambers St. and Centre St., Northbound from the Brooklyn Bridge St. Station. Luckily no one was injured.

In Manhattan, a carriage horse passed out of the blue on city streets. The NY Daily News reports that the horse “keeled over” around 54th St. and 8th Ave. A necropsy is to be done by the ASPCA. This is another nail in the carriage industry’s coffin as Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages advocates use this latest news to renew their cry for a ban of using horses on city streets.

I hope that the autopsy doesn’t find any signs of abuse. It also seemed weird that a horse would die for no reason on city streets as you would normally hear of problems during the dog days of summer.

There are people on both sides here. Those who want a ban, saying that horses work in abusive conditions, and those who are for it, saying that it is a livelihood and horses are treated fairly (and saved from slaughter).  What do you think?

Last but not least, should public schools teach sex-ed to students? Some say yes, some say no. Michael Benjamin, (the ex-Democratic assemblyman as well as the) Executive Director of the New York City Parents’ Choice Coalition, Rep. Michael Grimm of S.I. (R), and Rep. Bob Turner of Queens/B.K. (R) are crying out against the Bloomberg Administration’s new initiative. Benjamin, who is running against fellow Dem Jose Serrano, may be in the news to court conservative support.

In a city where teenage pregnancies are prevalent, I believe it is a good idea to educate youngsters about their bodies. Anatomy and biochemistry already are taught. If kids already see pictures of penises and vaginas in their textbooks, why shouldn’t they be taught what their sexual functions are? As long as it is taught safely, parents should be glad that schools are taking on the awkward task of explaining the “birds and the bees” to their kids. Parents, if they are adamant against it, can obtain waivers.


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