Only in NYC: stunguns and hidden money

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Instead of being “ripped from the headlines,” this seems like a story that was emulated their Law & Order counterparts. A tale of hidden drug money, deported drug dealers, and a “rogue” ex-NYPD officer, all happened in the Bronx.

A lucky (or unlucky) tenant of the infamous Apt. 4D on Broadway in the Bronx, Jason Holt has always wondered why he encountered strange folks as he went about his daily life. How little did he know, that two years ago the NYPD discovered and thwarted an attempt on his life (okay while it seems a bit dramatic, the history of being hit with stunguns by NYPD staff mostly resulted in death, it seems rather fitting to include that bit) where an officer by the name of Shawn Jenkins planned to subdue him by taser and then prying floorboards that he assumed held drug money.

From The NY Times:

Jenkins, who had been assigned to a station house in East Harlem, had planned to break in because he thought it was a safe house for $900,000 buried beneath the floorboards of a closet.

Mr. Jenkins knew this, according to officials who recited his account, because he had worked for a reputed drug dealer who lived there and hid the cash before being deported to the Dominican Republic in 2007.

Jenkins faces sentencing in December this year.


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