NYCC Gains Traction on the East Coast, SDCC Beware!

Apparently SDCC should start watching out. NYCC is slowly approaching the big boy league of ComicCon-dom (harr~).

In an article from the NY Daily News last Friday’s issue, NYCC’s attendance numbers have been growing steadily throughout its years of operation.

In my opinion, it’s about time! For the longest while NYCC was considered to be the sad little brother to SDCC with their massive numbers and big name appearances, but no longer!

If there was something I’d like to see at NYCC, it would be more accessibility. The one good thing about the Javits Center is its size. The cons is that it’s so out of the way for people (being all the way on the West side of the city) who have to commute by mass transit. Also, my theory has always been that since SDCC is on the West coast and much more accessible by stars that reside/film in Vancouver, it’s a quicker plane ride as opposed to traveling all the way to NY (celebs, prove me wrong and come to NYCC 2012!)

Some points I loved about NYCC 2011:

  • A swag bag. Swag is awesome. More swag = more people
  • Areas were separated by their respective interests (eg: autographing/independent artists having their own nooks in Javits)
  • Javits was opened up more to the public (hopefully the construction would be finished by NYCC 2012)

All in all, can’t wait to see what surprises are in store for next year’s Con.


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