If you love to read the news but much rather watch it, then check Big Apple Daily TV!


Remember those silly animated news stories that a company in Taiwan has been churning out for the past year? Al Gore with flames in his eyes after a masseuse denied him a happy ending? You remember. Well Next Media Animation aka NMA Tv (“Get Animated!”) has spun off with their take on news that’s happening in New York. I was lucky enough to hear about it just today and was able to watch a few clips. New Yorkers should be elated that we are now part of their animated family.

With their trademark humor, they re-enact scenes on news stories that takes place in New York. Their latest story is about the former NYS Prosecutor Alisha Smith and her night time role as a dominatrix.

Why keep reading this? Give them a check on their page! Big Apple Daily TV.

Also: a great article from Wired about the founder of NMA.


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