NYCC 2011 Sunday Recap (also will be known as the “Bill Amend is frakking awesome” post)

With all good things, alas it must come to an end. I just want to say how lucky I feel to be a volunteer, to work in the background scenes with such great people, and together we made the show less frustrating for people, and hopefully it’ll be a show they’ll remember fondly looking back.

After working three straight Con days, I was also glad to have the last day off to enjoy with family. Mostly we took pictures of great cosplayers, and went to Bill Amend‘s autographing table at the North Pavilion (aka Javits North). As I joined the what seems to be the never ending/not moving line, I regretted getting there only a half hour earlier than the time he was slated to start. As the clock slowly ticked down to the next autographing guest, I began to fret. Slowly the Five Stages of Grief flashed through my mind.

  • Denial: It’s okay, I think I’ll be able to make the cut.
  • Anger: I can’t believe these people would make this man sign five freaking books (one of which I bet probably will end up on eBay…)
  • Bargaining: C’mon! If I get to him I promise I’ll be real quick so everyone can get a chance to talk to him! (At some point I would look up and pray to a nonexistent diety.)
  • Depression: Why does this always happen to me? I always seem to miss things at one time or another.
  • Acceptance: It’s okay if I don’t get to see him today, luckily I made the panel yesterday.

As luck would have it, I was about the fifth or sixth person on the line until the Red shirts (Reedpop Staff) came over to Bill and told him that time was up. While your average celeb would just go “sorry folks,” and walk away, Bill requested that he be moved to an empty table so that he could accommodate all of us. What a guy! Seriously. I think at that point we were all elated and mentally jumping for joy. Also I’ll have to say my faith in humanity was restored. The line was moved to a different table in a very orderly way with no changes in line position (no one cut another in the shift) and we all ended up at one of the end tables (which was rather nice as well, because he ended up sitting next to Stephen Lang of Terra Nova/Avatar who was also signing). I think in retrospect I should’ve brought my Foxtrot book but I figured that the line would’ve been long, and I didn’t really want to haul a heavy book in a crowd. Plus having carried things that equaled my body weight for the past few days I was a bit detracted from doing so for a fourth.

So all in all, every one got their pictures/drawings/books signed, and forgive me for being redundant, but Bill was just plain awesome. I never knew a celeb who valued their fans like he did, being so patient talking to everyone and indulging in being photographed. He was so down to earth and humorous, and accommodated everyone’s requests even when he was pressed for time. If anyone from Reedpop is reading this, please make it a priority to get this man a table/panel for NYCC 2012 because I will definitely come back just to see this guy (not being a creeper). And Bill, if you’re reading this, sorry for the severe foot in mouth disease I seem to have developed while talking to you. I just get real nervous around celebs, so thanks for either a) not noticing it or b) ignoring the verbal diarrhea that came out of my mouth. Oh and thanks for indulging in my mustached Quincy picture.

Me & Bill AAY-Mend (who has awesome hair by the way)

Can’t wait until NYCC 2012! Thanks Reedpop for giving us all such a memorable experience! I know I won’t forget it.

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