Saturday NYCC 2011 Recap

Saturday is just insane. No wonder the tickets for Saturday sold out just as quick as it became available. If you seek thrills and enjoy floating in the sea of flesh, then Saturdays is definitely the day you should try your hand at ComicCon. If you enjoy a quiet stroll through an area, please think about going earlier. You cannot just stay and enjoy the scenery during a Saturday Con day. Not that it is a bad thing, however. Some people just do not thrive on the hustle and bustle. I found it exciting, because there’s no stopping. You end up seeing a lot more than you would otherwise.

One memorable part of Saturday’s Con was going to watch a sneak peek at The Walking Dead panel. I did not get to stay for The Avengers because Bill Amend of Foxtrot had a panel as well on the other side of the Javits. I did manage to meet Clark Gregg as he walked out of the IGN theatre. Of course nothing makes my day perfect than having severe hoof in mouth disease so I ended up calling him “Richard” (from his role on The New Adventures of Old Christine) and asking for his autograph. He was very gracious and nice about it. So Clark if you’re reading this, sorry! I’ll make it up to you by watching the Avengers when it comes out. Sadly I didn’t get a picture of him.

I went to Bill Amend’s panel. It was very lively, and interesting. He mostly talked about his strip, about the history of Foxtrot, and showed us some old strips that he had done. There was also a nice anecdote about Bill Watterson of Calvin and Hobbes. I was a bit disappointed when Mr. Amend said that he chose not to license his characters for toys. I hope that he’ll change his mind in the future. I can understand his point, because it does get frustrating to have people who are just in it for the profit to buy up your products and then flip it for an insane price on eBay, and the true fans miss out. Maybe he could do what Patrick McDonnell (of Mutts) did and just had a store for a limited time only and then just shut it down for good. I’m still holding out hope that one day I can get a little miniature Quincy to put on my desk. I think that was the best panel I had the opportunity to sit in on. In my history of cons, Bill is bar none the most nicest guest I’ve encountered. Even though the panel was well over, Bill stayed outside in the hall to sign things for people. I think that was just plain awesome.

Some pictures:

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