Thursday NYCC 2011 Kickoff Recap

This year I had the opportunity to volunteer for the New York City ComicCon which took place at the Jacob K. Javits center. Without going into details of the convention floor itself (which of course if you’re so inclined to know, is here), it is the most suitable place for a crowd of that magnitude in New York City. The cons of it being at the Javits is that it’s such a long walk from the train station (A/C/E, 1/2/3, B/D/F/M – 34th & 8th/7th/6th Aves respectively) until the new (7) line extension gets built.

This is the first year that they had NYCC start on a Thursdays instead of the usual Friday-Sunday schedule. It was a good calm-before-the-storm moment as you only had the exhibitors and press (as well as those lucky folks who had purchased a 4-day pass) roaming throughout the area.

Great mantra to go by while at the NYCC.

 This year there was a little bit more of an organization to the chaos that usually follows with ComicCon/NYAF where they had independent artists in their own little area upstairs on the fourth floor, and the main show floor was reserved for the big named displays (2k, Rockstar, Capcom, Nintendo, Intel, etc…) for easy navigation. Anime Cultyard had their own little area (with a fence around too, how fitting) and all the other areas had their own little nooks to call their own for the duration of the event.

Without being too long winded, here’s the rest of Thursday’s pictures!

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