Walking the Manhattan & BK Bridges

Last Friday me & J were little tourists. We walked both the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. While both were pretty nice, I have to say I preferred the Manhattan over the Brooklyn.

Stats: (From the NYC Department Of Transportation‘s site)
Manhattan Bridge:
– Built in 1901; Opened in 1909
– Total Length: 6855 Feet
Brooklyn Bridge:
– Built in 1870; Opened 1883
– Total Length: 6016 Feet

So in total, we walked 13,556 Feet.
In transit measurements that would amount to:
– ~339 Orion VII buses (at 40ft in length)
– ~226 New Flyer D60HF Articulated buses (at 60ft in length)
– ~181 R-46 Train cars (at 75ft in length)

So yes, it was a bit of a trek. And we did see some interesting things. Towards the end of our BK bridge walk (Manhattan bound), we saw the NYPD chopper hovering over the East River looking for a suspect that had robbed an apartment complex with some accomplices and in trying to ditch the police, had jumped into the river. There was massive police action as both unmarked and marked cars swarmed to the scene. They caught the guy later on so it was a happy ending for all.

Not bad. Now for the next adventure. Queensboro Bridge, perhaps?


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