MTA Holiday Train Ride

Otherwise known as the Nostalgia train ride, runs every Sunday since November 30th. I say runs instead of ran because there are still two more Sundays left before the year ends and I am pretty sure they are running.  In any case, I caught it with J & lil V. Foamers aside, the ride was rather fun as this time instead of it like last year where we were going mainly to get pictures and videos of the trains, this year we were just sitting and enjoying the rides. Much less of a headache in getting that perfect shot and just relaxing and having a good time.


I didn’t take many pictures this time, but I do these, enjoy!
The (C) at Hoyt Schemerhorn.
A Transit Peeve from the past… oh girlfriend, I can relate to that one personally as we experienced it yesterday with the Foamy Foamers pushing us out of the way so they could occupy many of the empty seats… yeahhhh.
The R1/9 pulling out of the 2nd Avenue Station in motion (and in wide screen resolution for your wallpapering pleasure. ;))
The best I could get of the front without any foamer in my way. 
Got to love and wonder what happened here.
Nothing says ‘dead end’ like that.
On another note: I peeled an apple– with a knife!! It never tasted so sweet. Why is that so interesting? If you know me, you would know this is the person who can draw blood with safety scissors.


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