Million Dollar Duck Race

Today instead of going to work, I went to a (failure) of an interview, and then meandered around Manhattan, more rather it went like this: (A) downtown to Broadway-Nassau/Fulton St., then from there, the (E) uptown to 14th Street, and then the (E) uptown once more to Union Turnpike. In any case, while I was there, I figured why not, and went to check out the Million Dollar Duck Race down at the South Street Seaport. It’s all for a good cause. All ducks adopted, the money goes towards the Special Olympics.

Somehow I expected more of a gathering… but perhaps it was because I was there early, there wasn’t much of a crowd. There were a lot of tourists though, and a lot of people crowding onto the new Ikea ferry. There was a really good cover band, but I didn’t get the name of the artist. There was also a Radio Disney kiosk there, but alas they weren’t aware that they were going to be overshadowed by a giant duck (refer to 4th picture). In any case, they seemed to be good sports about it, and danced along to the music. It wasn’t so bad, I just wished I stayed for the race… but it was so late, and I was experiencing a good sunburn (and apparent heatstroke) so, I decided to call it a day.

Here’s to tomorrow.


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