The Disney Store: A Review in One Word (And many pictures)

In my one word critique of the Disney Store on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, it is “disappointing”.

“Why? Why and how can Disney disappoint one?” You would ask incredulously. I will tell you how. A lack of toys. You would think that a giant store in Manhattan with so much traffic, would have the best selection of goods. And that does not go for only Disney, Nintendo World, FAO Schwartz, and Toys ‘R Us in Times Square all face the same one word review.

I can’t understand it. Didn’t toy stores used to boast about how you can find any of their products when you walk right in? Nowadays you’re lucky if the products you see on their website is in the actual brick-and-mortar store. So disappointing. It is as if they are all just museums, with historical bric-a-bracs on the walls and a select assortment of souvenirs for you to purchase.

The only thing that I got out of the Disney store were the pictures above. I went looking for a U-repair Wall-E, or any Wall-E toy for that matter and came out empty handed and disenchanted. Way to go Disney. You broke my heart.


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