2008 MLB All-Star Parade

Sometimes this cruddy job is worth it after all. If I weren’t around that area, I wouldn’t have went. Following that rule of logic, then had I not have went, I would not have seen my idol, Cal Ripken Jr. So yeah, it makes up for all the crap I do at work for the littlest things.

The parade took place along 6th Ave. (or as we’d like to refer to it for the turistas: the Avenue of the Americas… oooooh). In which case, luckily it started right around the time when I take lunch, so I got in just about the middle of the parade, and saw the players I really wanted to see. I wonder if Billy Wagner had his own “float” though. Seriously, the people complain about rising fuel prices, meanwhile we have these gas guzzling SUVs doing stop-and-go along the red carpet. That and Nascar, but that’s a totally different story for another day. It would’ve been nice to see a float or two, but I suppose they save that for the World Championship.

Wasn’t bad, though I did feel a bit sorry for some of the players who were booed (BoSox players), and those who didn’t get waved at or cheered for at all. That must suck. I don’t know why some people can get so flamed up about the sport. It’s just a game, these are just people like you and me… the difference is a good few more digits in their paychecks than ours.

In any case, time to watch the game! 3-3 in the 14th inning.


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