Milk-Bone’s 100th Anniversary

Talk about being in the
hot-spot of places… while they did not have a bus that rivaled the cuteness of the Cottonelle Puppy’s bus, they did erect a huge doghouse right on Military Island in TimesSquare.

It looked a lot bigger than it was really, I expected a lot more stuff inside… but I suppose factoring in the weather, and the time that I came out to look at the stuff, most of it was gone I guess. But eh, still went no less.

In any case, here was how the inside looked. On the walls, they had autographed pictures of celebrities and their dogs.

They also had people on hand to take pictures of owners and their pets… but alas, Bullet isn’t allowed to ride the transit system, so I couldn’t take him if I wanted.

The Popo was there as well, with their K-9 units. It also helped that on Military Island, the NYPD recruitment center was right behind it too.

And finally here is my little bonehead wearing his bandanna.


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