Dept. Of Subways Rodeo 2008

Today wasn’t so bad, even though it was raining on and off with slight showers. After a few minutes of drizzling rain, the sun came right back out and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves; I sure know that I did. Saw foamers, but the ratio of regular people to foamers was so huge that running into them were minimal.

It was at the Coney Island Rail Yard in Brooklyn. The place is huge! So many trains. I’m not much of a subway buff, but even looking at the sheer magnitude that were the trains just amazed me. They don’t look big when you’re on the station, but if you’re standing where their wheels are, it is huge. Their shadows will easily eclipse you. I really loved it when we got into the conductor’s booth on an R46 (R) train and I pressed on the horn… so loud! You weren’t supposed to, but it was just one of those “do not press” moments and you just do because you wanted to see what’d happen if you did press said button. Needless to say, wowzah. Loudness indeed.

Me and J also rode on the diesel train ride thing they made available. It was really nice, we went just about almost around the yard itself where they park their trains when [the trains are] not in service. That was really cool, especially when riding on the diesel itself, there’s no walls, you just grab onto a rail and just enjoy the ride; the wind through your hair (or more rather, I was keeping a hold of my hat from being blown away), and the sounds of the wheels running on the tracks.

What a perfect day.


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