So I finally went to see U23D last night with J. While I love, love, LOVE U2, the movie fell below my expectations (though it did have redeeming moments).

It started off charged with Vertigo, I have no idea if it’s okay to even say Bono killed Beautiful Day (sometimes you just want the song sung the way it was on the album, right? No straying emphasis on words and whatnot). From then after, they really caught me with their beats. Though they played more old stuff than material from HTDAAB (How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb), it wasn’t such a bad concert overall. I just wished that they’d have played COBL (City Of Blinding Lights).

And The Fly! Just when you thought they were done, after they played One, it seemed as if the movie was about to end, they come back with The Fly. The graphics that they did for it, was like a visual orgasmic delight. So much stuff flew at you, it was amazing. Any reserve I had for the slowness of the concert after Sunday Bloody Sunday just got recused when Bono came out dressed like the military man strumming his Gretsch Eagle in the most delicious way. Wow. Just wow. That alone, you’d have to watch the movie for. The Fly was hands down the best part of the movie visually (asides from when Bono drew with lights in LAPOE).

I also noticed when J pointed out to me that there were people sleeping. People, what the hell? You don’t pay ($16 ticket, $2 handling charge online) to go to an IMAX movie just to sleep through it. Although it may have been the best $16 nap ever, but you missed out on a really good experience.

Somehow this movie did not even rejuvenate my former lust for Bono, I was more enamored by the excellent guitar and drums of The Edge and Larry Mullen Jr. as well as the 3D effects instead.

All in all, I’d definitely come and watch it again. Maybe I can persuade a certain someone to come, though the chances of that would be akin to winning the lottery.

Overall rating? 8/10
Visual Effects: 8/10
Setlist: 7/10
Crowd Control: 9/10
([lack] amount of film coverage given to crowd in the movie)


Beautiful Day
New Years Day
Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own
Love And Peace (Or Else) [LAPOE]
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Bullet The Blue Sky
Miss Sarajevo
Pride (In the Name Of Love)
Where The Streets Have No Name
The Fly
With Or Without You


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