Dickie Dick

Mmm… nothing like a Dick Brennan sighting to make your day that much better. 😛

I remember the last time I saw him. I was still back in the 7th grade and the Yankees won the World Series. Since Joe Torres’ sister was the principal of that Catholic school by Rockaway, she let the kids have the day off in celebration. Dick Brennan (back then he was at UPN 9 News) was sent to report on it. In any case, I remembered going to the library w/my friend, and we were walking by there and I was all agape. There was the man with that lush head of hair… yeah, haircrazy back then as well. Never got up the courage to approach him though… I kind of regretted it back then… being a chickenshit. Seems I’ll probably be regretting it now after today as well.

Saw him at Kew Gardens today for the coverage of the Sean Bell shooting. He was out of his van just yakking on his cellular… and I suppose he wouldn’t like to be bothered anyway. I still liked that I was that close to him… even if it’s across the street. He still made for a good shot, even at 10x optical zoom… thankful for that.

My favorite shot of him though:

Now if I can get a shot of Jim Watkins I’d be content. Alas, he’s the anchorman… and not a roving reporter.


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